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our collection of fine quality high precision using most advanced high quality machine tools.

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SS Scaffolding providing the 24 hrs support services .

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Welcome to SS Scaffoldings

S.S. Scaffolding provides you the best range of scaffolding contract with reasonable price in the market and provides you the support by our timely deliver as well as the erection of the scaffolding to the clients needs.Our services includes an provision of G.I,colour corrugated,fencing as well as the labour-shed at the initial stage of the Constrution work later the supply Centering materials for the roofing work then comes the supply of Builder hoist for loading material to the required floor and at the final stage of the construction

we will provide the scaffolding for the plastering ,painting,alcopanel work or the facade glazing works.By these work we provide an complete service to our client in the Constrution industries.


A full selection of Aps units, Cuplock H frames, and Casuarina wooden type scaffolding are available from us. The clients appreciate our precisely constructed scaffolding for a variety of uses.

Centering Material

We have a range of materials to cover over 10 lakh square feet of space, including 2mx2m props, 3mx3m props, 2mx3m props, Span 2m and 3m Centering Sheet, and 3x2+4x2.

Builder Hosit

We have the stock of 10 no of builder hoist to reach up to 150 ft height

Temporary Labour Sheds

We fabricate labour shed which are manufactured using high quality raw materials. Our primary concern is to seek total customer satisfaction. Casuarina posts and GI sheets are used. as well as ms pipe and gi sheet Comparing MS pipe with color-coated sheet

Barrigation Works

We like to grow with the growing market with our esteem customers and will regularly satisfy their needs with our quality standards and safety.

Why Choose us

Being into this sphere for 50 years, Today SSScaffolding has a leading name in the market. We are daily covering up with the new ideas and innovation in the product with our working channel partners. We like to grow with the growing market with our esteem customers and will regularly satisfy their needs with our quality standards and safety . Our quality represents the standard of the company. Through knowledge and production expertise coupled with business strategies enables us to meet the demanding requirements of our clients at competitive rates.

Security of supply

We know you need to run your facilities efficiently and at full capacity. We deliver effective, transparent planning and implementation.

Flexible and highly skilled labour

ssscaffolding workers who have specialized training or a learned skill-set to perform the work.

Professional Service

We offer very professional services and we do it at very affordable prices as well which makee you all really excite.

Specialised service capabilities

We perform all forms of ssscaffolding work for highways, railways, air corridor, constrution, and restorationof bridges.